NaNoWriMo – 27

Current Word Count: 55,606

Sick as a dog today, so I didn’t do as much as I wished to. I was hoping to be done with revising, so that tomorrow I could move on toward the ending I need to write. Starting to feel a little bit panicked about the approaching deadline. Funny how “five days” seems like all the time in the world, but “three days” seems like not enough time to accomplish the simplest tasks.

I am finding, on balance, that I like the story, and I like the characters. Always a plus. And the revising is going well, though I miss the raw creative stuff, writing out the story and having it invent itself. Like the bit where a powerful, deadly, nearly indestructable monster, who kills people for the bad guys, turns out to have his own agenda. Didn’t expect that, but it was sure cool when it happened.

Ah well. I’m really hoping this doesn’t end at midnight on November 30. We’ll see, worry about that when it gets here. See you later.