NaNoWriMo – 25

Current Word Count: 53,100

Second day of revising, and it’s still going pretty well. I’m trimming and inflating here and there, and the whole thing’s not reading as bad as I’d feared…says the person who actually wrote it, and who thus would have a tendancy toward forgiveness. An actual physical reader might entertain an opinion which would differ substantially.

And I think the conversation pieces hold up pretty well. I was afraid, with all the talk, it would seem like an Isaac Asimov story, but I’ve got enough other stuff happening that I think the story holds interest. Again, says the author.

Still got to write the actual ending, but we’re five days away from the finish line. I’m not terrifically worried.

More later, possibly.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – 25

  1. And what is wrong with an Issac Asimov story? The man had some damn good stories. “Little Robot Lost” (I think that’s the right one) and “Liar!” (both in I Robot) are some of the best Science Fiction stories out there.

    But I’m bias. Asimov is about the only Sci Fi writer I can read. Most of the others are just too heavy for my poor little brain.

    As for the fear that the works all talk…. I’ve had moments like that while I’m writing my NaNoWriMo. But I fix that.

    Now it’s all flashback, all the time! Hoo Ha!

    I love this job.

  2. Nothing at all is wrong with an Isaac Asimov story. They’re great. I can name even more that are wonderful reads.

    But if you read enough of them, you start to realize something: almost all of them are pretty much two people arguing about something.

    Nothing wrong with that, as noted, but since he did it pretty well I feel no compelling need to put myself in direct competition with him.

    No slur on the man, or his work, intended.

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