NaNoWriMo – 21

Current Word Count: 48,650

Not a terribly productive day, but that’s all right. I wrote some stuff last night that was pretty bad, so I had to remove it and then make up for that. At first I was afraid I had a Killer Line in there, but I didn’t so no worries there.

It’s getting to the point, obviously, where I can’t just throw stuff in there and “make it work” later on. I have to start closing the elements down, like closing an umbrella, so that it all intersects at an ending.

It’s a bit harder now. The words don’t flow as easily, but they’re still coming.


One thought on “NaNoWriMo – 21

  1. *ahem* WOOHOOHOO HOOIE!!!

    yes, it’s kinda hard to just throw everything together now, and about sympathetic villians, my bad bad fausille HAS A FEAR! and she has A WEAKNESS!!

    How cruel can this life be?
    I need someone to batter.

    I’M SENDING YOUR PRINTS SOON!! and by soon I mean… they’ll be there by Christmas, LOVE YOU! CHAI!

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