NaNoWriMo – 20

Current Word Count: 45,678

Haven’t done much today, as the narrative is heading into the final stretch. But I did want to post that word count. How many times am I going to stop on a number like that?

I’ve been thinking of letting that one character I “killed” (haven’t written the scene) actually not be killed. What the gods taketh away and what not. In fact, I may give him a bottle of something (like me, he is overfond of libations). And then I might kill him, after he’s drunk. (It would be a good lesson to me.) We’ll have to see how it all works out.

UPDATE: Current Word Count: 48,084. Another pretty cool number, being an anagram and all.

Pity my villain is becoming sympathetic. Man, I bet, you know, *cough* the Big Man Upstairs hates when that happens, as much as I do. I was pretty much hoping for Bleeding Entrails and All, I sure hate to settle for Rueful Furrowed Brow Regrets–it’s just not cinematic. Still, the stories write themselves. Particularly this one. Though not without help.

Which leads me to my usual tribute. I didn’t arrange the fireworks in time, sorry about that. Cough. I’ll just do it in the quiet way, then.

Thank you, my Heroic Quartet. I owe all this to you. You are the best. I feel just like Oliver Twist, who dared to ask for more, or maybe that one orphan guy who wanted all those explosives, because he dared to ask why the universe wasn’t –oh damn it. (He was raised with cats. )

GRUMBLING Be right back

MOMENTS LATER: Sigh. No, make that Highly Regretful Sigh.

Where was I? Oh, some well deserved thanks–and here thy are!

*Fireworks in all their glory, because I was able to arrange it all at the last minute*

UPDATE to the UPDATE: I meant palindrome, not anagram.


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  1. Oh, I am SO proud of you! I was all freaked out all week thinking “damn, how’s he doing?!” and then I thought “Oh, look! It’s a steak!” and then I thought “ah, carnage…”

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