NaNoWriMo – 18

Current Word Count: 39,339.

It just struck me, believe it or not. The greatest incentive to writing has been your encouragement, and I thank you most sincerely.

But the second greatest? That first line up there. Current word count. There’s a definite urge to make that number as big as I can.

That may be the secret, to have a visible goal that I can post, much like the photos of paintings in progress. Once this NaNoWriMo affair is concluded, it would be an interesting experiment.

Possibly more later, I know you all can’t wait.

UPDATE: Well, here it is later. Current Word Count: 41,140. I never, ever thought I would see a number like that. Heck, I thought 400 would be a towering monument in an empty, bleached desert. This number is unbelievable. I still don’t believe it. Here’s hoping I haven’t set Microsoft Word’s “Options” to “Lie like a rug for ego stimulation.”

I owe it all to those who would tell me, time and time again that I could do this. Despite my skepticism. You guys are the greatest. I’ll kiss you or buy you a beer, or both, depending on gender and/or preference.


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