NaNoWriMo – 17

Current Word Count: 38,785

The other day I thought up and wrote a scene which had action, peril, destruction, rolling wooden barrels, and it advanced the plot. I thought it was a pretty good scene, and I moved on. And then today, I made a sudden realization: with that scene, which I liked and didn’t see how I could go back on, I had rendered my main character useless. He used to be vital to the overall goals being advanced; at a stroke, I had made him a burden.

How the Fark did I allow that to happen?

Well, naturally, panic set in. I figured this was going to take some retrenching. Maybe abandon the forward thrust of the narrative, and start revising, hoping inspiration would strike and I could continue. Otherwise, I’d have a whole bunch of pages that were useless. Actually, worse than useless–parts of a stupid waste of time.

That evening, I went down to the gym for swimming, hoping to give the old cerebrum a spot of rest, and my GOD by the time I was done, I not only had a way to rehabilitate my main character, but a whole plot arc had fallen out of the sky into my brain.

Gotta love it when that sort of thing happens. At least, gotta hope someone loves it. I mean, I hope they’re not expecting money or something, I’m fresh out…


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – 17

  1. What? No money? Then why am I here? Oh. Sorry. Great to hear that. Your experience reminded me of something. The brilliant move by “Hitch” in “Psycho” when he completely misdirected the audience by focusing on Janet Leigh, in the beginning of the film, as the main character. Maybe I need to go swimming.

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