Current Day Count: 365

As FithyRottenAngel notes in a comment elsewhere, my blog celebrates its first year of existence today.

It has turned into a rather remarkable (for me) method of organizing my thoughts and projects so that I’m actually getting things done, rather than simply keeping collections of scattered thoughts in my head (where they were getting dusty, and parent figures were saying “You know, you collect all these thoughts and you never play with them, I’m not sure I should buy you any more…”).

I’ve completed six paintings, and have four more in various uncompleted states; I’ve actually written many of the essays I used to think Hey, I should write about that in an essay; and I’m in the middle of a novel, something that may actually get completed. The only remaining fallow field is audio recording, which is of course a much more difficult form to share over the web. But who knows?

Most important of all, I’ve met many kind, intelligent, thoughtful, talented and funny people. That’s been the most productive aspect of all.

Here’s to many more.