NaNoWrMo – 12

6:40 PM. Current word count: 25,052.

Half-way there.


I’ve known since college that a deadline imposed from without is the best way to get me to produce. In school, I could do three or four finished canvases a week; in creative writing class, I just wrote and wrote, above and beyond the assigned work. On my own, I was lucky (before I started this blog) if I could do a canvas a year. Writing was similarly catch-as-catch-can, but there never seemed to be a problem with flow until about six years or so ago. I could still paint, and still produce paintings, but every time I looked at some of my unfinished fiction, it looked like the work of a stranger. I not only did not know how to continue (though I was aware of the events to follow in the narrative), I didn’t even recognize the language.

So it’s very surprising how easily this particular story is flowing. It might just be that my previous work suffers some kind of psychic taint–it may never be completed. Once this story reaches its conclusion, I’ll tackle one of the others. Perhaps that long simmering novel, which must be two or three hundred pages already completed and a complete plan in place.

Having this blog has been a tremendous help in getting my painting schedule back on line–explaining, no matter the audience, processes and progress has helped me to focus. And focus leads to motivation, which leads to work.

The NaNoWriMo project has, in turn, seemingly reawoken my desire to play with words.

I guess we’ll know for sure in December.


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