NaNoWriMo – 8

Current Word Count: 16,161.

To which I can only say…the hell?

How did I go from a few hundred words a day, if lucky, to around 5000 today? From thinking, “Cool, my thousands are more than the date” to “Cool, my thousands are double the date” in a normal day? That is just not natural (for me).

I’m probably dreaming, that’s what it is. Pretty soon I’ll wake up, in some post-nuclear wasteland where we have to spend our days boiling water and tending to oozing sores while wondering what went wrong and hiding from mutants. Man, I hate when that happens. (Mutants know all my cool hiding places.) “I pulled this off the reptile, it said Type 1, I pulled this off the David, it said Type 3. Now WHAT OTHER TYPE!”

On a serious note, I cannot thank my Heroic Quartet enough for their encouraging words. You all know who you are, and it is really touching that y’all would take time out from your own writing schedules to pat li’l ol’ me on the head and say, “Good job. You did a good job. Now put down the weapon, please.”

I’m sure if you check your karma bank you will be surprised at your current balance.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – 8

  1. (His hand reaching up from the coffin of illness, he feebly waves in salute. Then falls back into tortured slumber. Maybe, tomorrow, he’ll feel less like “death on a soda cracker”)

    Good job. Good job… (collapses)

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