So, otherwise, paper

So, inspired by Cullen Waters and Filthy Rotten Angel (who’ve both been posting drawings in recent days, also it’s fun to blame other people) I decided to try my hand at sketching, something I don’t do too often.

Two of them

The problem with drawing for me is that I have to have at least some notion of what it is that I want to draw. Otherwise it just comes out as abstract nonsense like the above.

A secondary problem is that, obviously, paint and pencil have completely different behaviors as media. I find that, even though pencil can be erased, it’s much more forceful on the surface. Once a line goes down, it has to be dealt with, whether it’s a good line or not. Paint, on the other hand, can be blended with its fellows or, allowing sufficient drying time, painted over entirely.

My final problem with drawing is texture. Canvas tends to be canvas, there’s not much noticeable difference between varieties—add to this the fact that one’s hand is at a brushlength’s remove, and I’m fairly happy with anything.

Paper, on the other hand, has a wide variety of textures. They can be rough and difficult, like a cat’s tongue, or smooth and friendly like a dog’s. It’s got to be right or the whole thing’s at risk of producing, well, what you see above. I wasn’t crazy about the paper I used last night. The right paper texture is very, very difficult for me to find.

I know I’ve got other sketchbooks around somewhere. But somewhere sure covers a wide area.

8 thoughts on “So, otherwise, paper

  1. yeah! CURSE YOU SPAMMERS with your crude refrences to my inadequate penis size…wait, wait a minute… I don’t have one of those, CURSE YOU SPAMMERS!!

    your sketch makes me think of tree roots, you should try matte cardstock, no glare, barely any texture and some of those “no copy” architect pencils, you can draw anything you want and it won’t come up when you scan an image in and if your hand if light enough it can barely be seen after you ink or lead the image in.

    and that’s MY two cents!
    please return change.

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