Return of the Living Dead

I actually saw Corpse Bride a second time, marking the first time I’ve seen a film twice in the theatre since…wow, since 1985 and Return of the Living Dead. Hm, noting a bit of pattern there, yes? (There are a number of similarities between the two films. Perhaps I’ve finally found my niche!)

I could be flippant and say that this is probably my penance for not seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen, but that would be, well, flippant. I honestly don’t know why this movie has taken hold of me like this. But it sure has.

I’m sure everyone else has already seen it. My God, I’ve nagged you all often enough. What am I, your mother?

…I heard that.

4 thoughts on “Return of the Living Dead

  1. Beckoning darling–

    OMG-I have just returned from a visit in your personal art gallery-awe struck darling!!!!

    Someday, i will have one of your creative master pieces hanging up in my house!!! Now, having said that, i’d better get to working on my novel soon! art, fine art, is so worth its weight in gold!!!! unless of course-*ponders* hm…i could autograph my novel for you…and after a toast over a celebritory diner, we could settle our transaction in the form of a trade: one autographed book from a life long find- one autographed painting for your biggest fan…
    *smiles brightly* keep up the outstanding creativity, my darling! you are simply amazing!!!!

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