Welcome Back, Kerry Adams

Welcome back Kerry Adams. She gave me some of my first comments, way back when, and I somehow lost her blog site when I did some overhauls on here some months back. So now, A Writer’s Journal is back in the list! Many thanks to Clusty for assistance.

She’s a genuinely warm and compassion person. And she’s having some success with writing, it seems…quite a bit of success, in fact, with various awards and such. Gosh darn it, now I’m all jealous! I told myself I wasn’t going to do that, and now look at me! No, don’t look at me. Turn the camera over there.

Seriously, welcome back Kerry, and here’s to continued success for you.

One thought on “Welcome Back, Kerry Adams

  1. oh beckoning darling! *tears* i remember our beginning comments to each other too!!!! *wipes a tear and smiles*
    and of course you know-i am jealous as hell of you!!! *wipes another tear* i am such a sappy mess!

    oh beckoning-my darling-i am so happy to have our blog links restored!!!! *mauhz!*

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