The Adventures of HyperCritic

I need a long rest.

Boy, once you see the flaws in things, you start seeing them everywhere. Who created the idea of the Critic, anyway? Especially the idea of the inborn critic. I’d be just as happy to post my idiotic ramblings in whatever unfocused shape they ended up slumped in before the photographers left, but there’s THAT VOICE in my head that says, “It’s not good enough.”

What the Hell?

“And if you post it, YOU’RE not good enough!”

Good enough for what?

“To sleep at night. You know you’re not WORKING TO YOUR POTENTIAL.”

Oh My God it’s 3rd Grade All Over Again!

My good pal RVH keeps telling me that “worrying” is “stupid” but he doesn’t understand visual stuff. What do you do when everything, and I mean everything, tells you it isn’t good enough yet, and worse, may never be?

Yeah, RVH says he’ll finish the humor essay. Which means, he’ll re-write it endlessly. And it won’t be mine anymore. Oh, great comfort, there…

Fine, it will be out of my hands. But what about the damn paintings? Especially THAT painting.

ALL THOSE paintings.


2 thoughts on “The Adventures of HyperCritic

  1. thank you for commenting at my story blog, I really appreciate it!

    and yeah, sometimes that inner critic gets a little too annoying… that’s when you drown it in booze and oreos.

    Your gallery is…wow… almost uncomfortable to look at. A few of your pieces made me shiver and look away. And that’s a good thing.

  2. My father used to say, “good enough is half rotten.” I lived by that code for a number of years and then decided there are more important things in life than perfection and worry. To do one’s best is perfection enough. Unrealistic perfection robs us of joy. Joy is a major component in life and if you don’t have it, life can be a rough row to hoe.

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