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I thought I’d let you know, now, that I took the iPod out of the cellophane last Thursday. I didn’t want you to worry that the world might explode, so I didn’t tell you then–and since it didn’t, good call on my part. Yes! I rock!

I also charged the thing on Saturday, and last night I hooked it up to my PC…which said it needed to be formatted (using only the Apple software). So I did that. Still, nothing exploded! Woo hoo! Two for two!

Then I went online to the iPod “iTunes” store, thinking, Oh, maybe I’ll buy a song! Ooo, I am so modern. Actually, I didn’t think that, but I was close.

But you know what? I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy. Not a thing. No Xenakis. No Cecil Taylor (that I don’t already have), and no Residents (that I really want). Some Firesign Theatre, but nothing for 99 cents! Some Wire, some John Foxx, but nothing that told me, in hushed tones, This is why you lived to see the 21st Century. Loser.

Granted, I didn’t check Hector Berlioz. Should have thought of that. Oh, and they had that Coldplay song I can’t get out of my head–that should count for something. But I hesitated over that one. Dunno why.

I guess I should have more popular tastes. I did, after all, buy an iPod.

That’s how it starts, isn’t it?

Am I not popular now?

UPDATE: Hey, this is my 150th post.

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