Nowhere, Nowhen

Okay, my last post was a bit intemperate, shall we say. What can I offer in defense? Everything is relative. The fact that I could not get a wireless router to work despite the fact that there are about four instructions, and that I am generally good with instructions, should not have entered into the matter…but it did.

Admittedly, in the scheme of things large and small, this one is pretty tiny. There are people who don’t have food in the world. And if they were surfing the web with their perfectly working out of the box wireless routers, and came upon my post, they’d no doubt say, “Man, I don’t have food, and you are complaining about how the internet is not easier! You’re terrible! You are terrible!”

Well, as I said, everything is relative. Mel Brooks once observed, “Tragedy is when I cut my little finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” When things happen to our very own damn selves, we tend to feel that they loom much larger than actual size, while those observing us (like Galactus) think they’re pretty trivial and we should try to calm down a bit.