Everywhere, Everywhen

Man, life sucks. It just does. Don’t tell me about your alternate explanations, or how suffering is good for us, or how this will all balance out in the end…none of it Do not tell me none of it, or your elfin magick will be as naught for all eternity, and that is bad for elves and stuff.

Life sucks.

That’s all there is to it. We’re born, we provide amusement for some cosmic entity until he/she tires of our antics, and we’re killed cruely. Unless we kill the bear. Then, it’s slightly less cruely, but still cruely. Some graffiti on a tree. Be still my beating heart. And quit beating! You know that is annoying.

Don’t let anyone tell you different. Because they’re lying if they do.

Lying idiots. Man, I hate them. Hope you do too.

Wouldn’t this be awesome if I had readers? Yeah, I’m talking about you and me…losers!

Can’t resist laughing. Because that, ultimately, is all there is. Fortunately, I don’t have readers, or you would have gotten those winning Lotto numbers, and I see they’re unclaimed.

Do I still have readers? Um, BOO!

Ha ha ha. I laugh. Again, I laugh. Ha ha ha.

2 thoughts on “Everywhere, Everywhen

  1. You’re only saying all of this because you’re an optimist. All sunny and cheery, with little rainbows and smiling suns.

    Someone in a really pessimistic mood would point out the possibility of renicarnation. Not only could the wonderous Other that guides Nature’s course plug you back in to suffer through Life’s greatest hits all again, but also He/She/It could, on whim, decide you’re a dog, a fish, plankton, or, worse yet, Paris Hilton.

    Or, maybe there’s an afterlife where all you get to do is relive the mistakes you made OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And this is Heaven; in Hell you’ve got someone whispering in your ear, telling you just what you should have done and barking laughter at your most horrible moments.

    Saying “Thing’s could be worse” is always comforting. Sometimes it’s foreshadowing.

    Personally I try not to think about these things too much. Which means I’m thinking about them all the time.

    Here’s to brighter days. May we not notice when they’re gone, may time between them not be too long or too dark, and may we not run out of them too soon.

  2. Ahem. Speaking of optimism; I just published a post which I thought was perfect. Should have known better. “Saying ‘Thing’s could be worse’ is always comforting.” should read “Saying ‘Thing’s could be worse’ isn’t always comforting”. Makes more sense that way…

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