Watch Out For Doctor Dream

Nightmares, especially those that are so frightening they wake me up at 3:30 AM, are very disorienting events. You lie there, trying to convince yourself that you’re no longer the oneiric character in peril but are, in fact yourself. You look around the room, marking evidence that the various shapes and shadows around you are simple ordinary fixtures of your normal environs, and not the menacing agents that imperiled your dream persona.

I just wonder why the whole process takes so long. It must have been twenty minutes before I was convinced I was just the dull guy I normally am, and not a young lady hysterically clutching an axe and trying to evade silver-skinned invaders. Evil invaders, I should point out. One look at their scowls would convince anyone.

(Points to anyone who can identify the source of this entry’s title.)

2 thoughts on “Watch Out For Doctor Dream

  1. The worst sort of nightmares are the one’s where you’re you, where you are in your own bedroom, and that the nightmare was spent “waking up” from the nightmare, only to have the nightmare start up all over again.

    Man I hate those.

  2. The ones I hate the most are those where I dream I get up and go to work and begin the usual drudgery several hours before I have to. When I awaken from those, I feel that the Universe cannot be based on fair principles.

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