Images of New York City

Well, here are some shots from my recent trip to New York City.

First up, we have Times Square at night. You can read the newspaper here at midnight (though I’m not sure I’d advise that).

It's the song I love the melody of

And since it’s hard to get too much of Times Square, especially at night, we have another shot from a different angle. Is there no end to my diabolical cleverness? Yeah, I thought so too.

42nd Street

Central Park. An extremely cool location. This is like one of those jigsaw puzzles I did as a youth, lots of trees and pleasantness.


They even have a sort of lake there, but I didn’t go on it. I forgot to bring anything that would enable me to go on a lake. Yeah, I’m kicking myself.

Body of Water

From down below, in the center of the Financial District, you can feel you’re being suffocated by buildings. This is almost like a painting by Magritte.

Buildings upon Buildings

From on top of the Empire State Building, though, it all makes a kind of sense. The view is spectacular.

From high above

A very enjoyable trip all around, though I wouldn’t want to live there. I don’t think I’d last a month.

But I may be back.

Arrays of Night

A couple of days ago, I was given the task at work to expand the RAID 5 array to add more space to a volume that houses our principle software.

I’ve done this before, so I thought no big deal. Generally, it has taken me about thirty minutes or less.

This time it took more than thirty hours. Why?

Ya got me.

With all the pretty icons and junk that accompany all programs these days, there ought to be some useful features as well. A calculator, for example. “You are adding [X] drives consisting of [X} gigabytes to an array consisting of [X] drives and [X] gigabytes. This will take [X] hours.”

Would that be so hard?

Apparently so.

Fortunately, everything came up in the end and it’s all better than it was. But boy, what a long hard road.

New York New York

Just got back from a trip to New York City, Manhattan to be more precise. Lots of photos and some fun as well. I’ll try to post some details later this week, but naturally the first thing I have to do is catch up with what went on while I was gone….

Thoughts and Prayers

My thoughts and prayers go to our friends in the United Kingdom for the terrible attacks they have suffered. I know you can’t keep the Brits down, but it’s a shame seeing them come under senseless attack like this.

As for the perpetrators…well, I won’t call them animals, as that’s insulting to animals. I won’t call them ghouls, as that’s insulting to ghouls. I’m sure they’ll find ways to dig even deeper.

Expecting the Expected

I saw the big budget War of the Worlds remake over the past weekend, and it really bothered me how much I didn’t like it.

I was kind of hoping it would be good, because I wanted to like it, but my hopes just kept getting dashed, over and over again. It was really pretty depressing in the end.

The best part came after the movie was over, and I was driving home. I was listening to Tangerine Dream’s Zeit CD, when off in the distant hills there was a lightning strike. That was unexpectedly and quite satisfyingly chilling.

Hollywood, take note.