Where The Streets Have Odd Names

LOS ANGELES–He walks again by night. Or rather, during the day, through most of the downtown. He being me.

It was funny to see they have an “Exposition Blvd.” I wonder if they also have a Narration Street, or a Stream-Of-Consciousness Drive. Oh, and a Transition Bridge! That would be both fun and appropriately named.

Most of the people in LA seem like pretty nice people. They have this way cool hotel called the Bonaventure. I didn’t stay there, but I’d sure like to. It was just like the set from some movie about the future, but a good movie. Not one of those awful ones where people run along corridors and pretend like it is the future, but it’s just a warehouse.

Other than that, the most notable feature of the trip was how hard it was to find (decent) souveniers. You would think, since the name is French and all, that souveniers would be both plentiful and of a high quality, but you would only be right if you picked one of those characteristics at a time. You can find both, but it is very hard to do.

I would say it’s nice to be home, but there are a lot of bills. So it isn’t that nice. Sorry for being negative and things.