Where The Streets Have Odd Names

LOS ANGELES–He walks again by night. Or rather, during the day, through most of the downtown. He being me.

It was funny to see they have an “Exposition Blvd.” I wonder if they also have a Narration Street, or a Stream-Of-Consciousness Drive. Oh, and a Transition Bridge! That would be both fun and appropriately named.

Most of the people in LA seem like pretty nice people. They have this way cool hotel called the Bonaventure. I didn’t stay there, but I’d sure like to. It was just like the set from some movie about the future, but a good movie. Not one of those awful ones where people run along corridors and pretend like it is the future, but it’s just a warehouse.

Other than that, the most notable feature of the trip was how hard it was to find (decent) souveniers. You would think, since the name is French and all, that souveniers would be both plentiful and of a high quality, but you would only be right if you picked one of those characteristics at a time. You can find both, but it is very hard to do.

I would say it’s nice to be home, but there are a lot of bills. So it isn’t that nice. Sorry for being negative and things.

God Hates Me

I think education is an incredible gift that we higher mammals have. I’m totally disappointed in anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the human ability to learn, and to continue to learn throughout our lives. I always enjoy learning new things, and continuing to expand my education. Just the other day I learned something about “supercooled liquids” that made this area make sense to me.

So why am I so incapable of learning certain other lessons?

Lesson: I should always, always keep in mind: If I am having a good time, or am feeling good, or even suspect that things might be looking up, I am in for a smackdown. A BIGASS smackdown.

I think about God a lot, and I have odd theories about God, one of which (collect them all!) is that a being capable of keeping the entire universe in consciousness can’t possibly take note of all the myriad ephemera that such a cosmos must contain.

But, that is my human mind trying to encompass a consciousness that must, at minimum, dwarf my understanding of something so completely beyond human as to defy comparison.

All of which is my prelude to saying, God does see me, and he hates me. If I entertain even the slightest happy thought, I am really in for it. It’s amazing that he can keep the cosmic and the ephemeral in mind simultaneously, but he does it really well.

It’s a very Old Testament view, I admit. And I must confess, I’m not Jewish. But my sympathies sure broaden, let me tell you.

Maybe that’s the whole idea. Maybe I’m supposed to broaden my perceptions.

Well, okay. I can do that. I do that all the time. Honestly, God, I don’t need more of this crap to make me feel solidarity with the peoples of the earth! So, you can stop now. OK? Please?
…elsewise, it’s back to the same. I’ll be sure to tell you a) if I’m feeling good and b) if I happen to be visiting your area. You DID build a sturdy fall-out shelter, yes?

Luckily he has pretty much spared my loved ones, but you never know….

Denizens of Arachnia

I don’t mind the land-based arthropods. Insects, spiders, isopods, I don’t mind any of them. In fact, I think they show a certain beauty of design. They are marvelous machines of nature.

However, those of you who read this who have avenues into their communities, please let them know that I do NOT want them indoors with me. That is my one caveat with them; beautiful to look at, but ON or NEAR me, verboten.

This evening I spent about five minutes capturing a wolf spider and releasing her outdoors. It would have taken less than five seconds to crush the life out of her, and be done with her. But I took the road less travelled by, and for her at least, that has made all the difference.

Striker is licking my damned shin, possibly to let me know he would have, well, bothered her to death had he the chance. Striker is a cat.

He didn’t get that chance. Please, those of you who have more than four limbs, please pass the word on. Outdoors, I’ll go out of my way to respect you, and admire you. Please return that respect, and don’t venture into my domain.

Thank you.

(Obviously, this doesn’t cover the sea-based arthropods. If I’m in your domain, well, that was a choice I made, so feel free.)

Silence and Sensibility

One of the great things about these blogs is that they don’t expire. I don’t have anything to say, in particular, but if I don’t post for several days, this thing won’t suddenly vaporize on me.

Yes, that would be just utterly dreadful, eh?

So what have I been up to? Beats me. Last week I was on call, and had several 2am and 4am pages. When one’s sleep cycle is thus torn from Morpheus’ tender boon, it tends to color the whole day in wretched hues of slate and charcoal. So, I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep.

Also, exercise. I’ve been doing the swimming and doing the treadmill (almost began that with a ‘d’). Funny how I do this exercise but don’t seem to be losing weight. Ah well, I console myself that I would be in even worse shape if I weren’t doing it. Console, self, console!

In terms of artistic endeavors, I fear to report that things have been pretty fallow lately. With a spot of luck and some optimism (I bought some on eBay) maybe that will perk up a bit.

In the meantime, there are interesting things to do out there like crazy.


I just wrote the longest review of Forever Evil, ever! Why? I don’t know, possibly because I’m just unrefined evil and haven’t got anything better to do with my time and/or space.