Questions and Comment

So, when Mace Windu and the evil Emperor are fighting, and the Emperor gets all ugly-looking, is that what Windu intended to happen? If so, how does that help anything? “Well, he got away, but I made it easy for us to recognize him…”

Or, was that the Emperor’s real face all along, and when he expended that energy, it broke his ability to maintain the illusion? He could just concentrate again, or does this mean he doesn’t care any more?

Oh, and I don’t care how many arms you have, you should not be fighting Jedi knights with a bad cough like that.

Nose Job

I wasn’t crazy about his nose, so I did a bit of plastic surgery:


Then, some more details got added:


I’m starting to like this guy. He reminds me of an embryonic Space Jockey. If you know who the Space Jockey was, give yourself a pat on the back and take yourself out to dinner–your treat. If you don’t know who the Space Jockey was, oooo, for shame.

Darth Vader Speaks

Actually, Darth Vader blogs. Did you know he had a blog? He did, and it’s right here:

The Darth Side

And the really neat thing is, it’s excellent. It’s writing of a very high quality, the likes of which the actual movies have never dared approach. Alternately funny and thought-provoking, I’d be astonished if anyone officially connected had anything to do with it. In fact, given the decline of the movies, I wouldn’t believe it.

It’s fun, insightful and definitely worth reading, especially now that the film series has drawn to a close.

Via Brian Tiemann

Gestalt Lesson

A man,


A Plan, 


A Canal,




Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Exploracam 1.


I drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway with this on my roof a couple of days back, and got back nearly an hour of pretty great footage. A few jigglies here and there, but nothing distracting, and nothing that diminishes the impact. The video is like a tour of the Parkway via omnibus. Way cool. 

Later, I drove around the city at night and got some neat stuff then, too. It’s nice how technology can come along and just improve the heck out of something.

Paint Blog II: The Son Also Draws

This seems scarecely worth mentioning, but the canvas on Paint Blog II (Part II) is now completely filled, which as you might recall from previous chapters, is a big deal for me, etc etc etc.

I’ve been too busy to do more lately, but it’s still simmering. The thing in front of the two works, by the way, is a lamp though not an anglepoise lamp.


Postcard from Red World

In the future–


–Helldwarves will have X-Box controllers that are not only wireless, but invisible as well.

Before you ask, I have no idea what this is, where it came from, or where it’s going.

Also, I don’t know if it’s in your house right now. How would I know where you live?

The Mummy Improves

Well, the second half of “The Mummy Returns” is turning out to be far better than the first half. I don’t think it’s up to the level of the first film, but at least it’s not tarnishing that film with its lack of imagination. It may turn out to be an okay film after all.