Paint Blog IV: Mind Over Murder

This one needs an introduction. However, it’s not going to get one. I don’t have the images to make such an introduction make sense. It would be kind of like, “Okay, imagine now that these things happened, and then some other stuff happened, and further down the road it came to fruition, then stopped.” And I think that would be hard to grasp. I’m not sure I understand it myself. I may just be typing without reason. (“Typing without Reason.” There’s a good title for a blog.)

So: part one and part two, below. Enjoy!

In Space.

That one was when there was still a lot of white space on the canvas, and I thought I ought to document such a state.

Next, we’ve removed more of the white space.

In Space.

Yeah, it’s a bright blue sky. That’s the first part.

Next…will be posted next week. Maybe. Probably. Could be.