Paint Blog 3: Death Has A Shadow

Paint Blog 3’s background vexed me for a while, by which I mean the area on the right where there’s a kind of loop.

Here’s what I tried at first:


Argh, argh, argh! That’s just all wrong. I tried to darken it a bit, to make it a bit less distracting.


This isn’t much better, though I can be a bit more calm about it. And I can see where I can work with it a bit.

I tried using some faintly milky bands, like splitting skin, but it never worked right and even worse, I didn’t photograph it. I ended up instead turning the bands into overlapping tubes.


And then I darkened that up quite a bit.


Then the area to the left of that, underneath that little hanging fist or whatever it is (a uvula), started to bother me. It was too different from the rest, so I worked with that a bit, trying to make it blend. I think I got something. But not today.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!