Stupid Flash Tricks

(First in a series of what will probably be several billion.) I seem to have finally reached some kind of Conceptual Breakthrough with Macromedia’s Flash program. Rather than watch as nothing much happened after lots of work, I can now watch as very little happens after lots of work. Behold:

As promised, it’s nothing much, just six seconds of a looping night cityscape. No one who knows Flash at all is going to raise any sweat over this. But it’s a start for me.

Don’t let anyone tell you, by the way, that Flash is a great drawing tool. It…isn’t. Not by a long shot.

One thought on “Stupid Flash Tricks

  1. hey-this is kewl! Reminds my of some of the mordern art work for the DC “gothem city” looks really modern!!!

    Happy Easter Beckoning!!!!

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