Paint Blog III Update

I wasn’t even sure which blog this was until I looked it up. Apparently, it’s Paint Blog III. Hello and welcome. Here is what the work looked like, when last we looked at it:


The problem with this image isn’t that it’s too bright or colorful–it’s that it’s too monochromatic. Yes, I know there’s more than one color there, but each color sort of lives in its own world. To solve that, I added some light brown and golden hues to some of the “plant life.”


Personally, I think it’s hugely improved, and might actually be heading into the home stretch.

In other news, it’s generally amazing how the past comes back to bite us, doesn’t it? Apparently, the lease for my domain name expired some days back, and the renewal notices were sent to…my AOL account. I keep AOL for emergencies, basically, and haven’t checked the email there in weeks. More fool me, bless my soul.

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