Paint Blog III: Reflections in a green pepper

Well, the day of dread has arrived, as I began to add white to the largely green and yellow areas. The first attempt was pretty bad, and sad to relate, I didn’t photograph it. The photo below shows what it looked like when that first white attempt was improved a bit.

Pat the bunny.

Only it wasn’t improved too much. Can you see the bunny? I could. I had to…eliminate the bunny. The bunny had to go.

Too many bunnies, not enough mittens.

Not much of a bunny. Then, we decided to add some shadows. We did this by mixing raw umber with whatevertheheck green we’d been using all along.

The coming of the Shadows.

And then some more shadows. More shadows and more. The area in the mid-lower left looks like some struggling trapped thing. Struggling trapped things are pretty cool items to have in a painting, especially if it’s one of my paintings. In fact, that’s about the only role available in my work.

As on a darkling plain.

This is a somewhat darker image, perhaps a bit closer to the actual canvas appearance.

A Shot in the Dark.

Though maybe not. It’s probably somewhere between the two extremes. I can’t remember any more. I just can’t remember.

2 thoughts on “Paint Blog III: Reflections in a green pepper

  1. You see…the remains of the bunny. I hope…I dearly hope, that you said the proper goodbyes to the bunny, as the bunny is…somewhat particular. As bunnies are.

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