Paint Blog II: Crest of February

Question: What’s wrong with this picture?


If you say, “Well, you painted it, for one thing,” you can go to the head of the class, but you’re probably not going to get any supper young man.

If, on the other hand you say, “There aren’t any black outlines in the real world,” that’s much more what I had in mind.

How do we fix this? Like so:

Personal cheese holster.

Notice the difference? If you say, “Sure–you ruined it,” you’re bucking to get no dessert either young man.

The rest of you might be saying to yourself, “That still looks like there’s a black line there,” to which I say, “Ha ha, you’re talking to yourself.” Then, I point out that it’s actually just the shadow from a paint ridge. Here’s another picture, taken from a different angle, to show that I speak the truth.


I added some boards and poles or something to the lower part of the painting. It really looks like someone needs to clean up in there. Here’s a painting of how it kind of looks. This is way overexposed to show the detail. Also, there’s reflection from the top of the canvas, because I didn’t notice it while taking the picture.

Tomorrow's recipe: Chicken.

Here’s a photo showing more like what it looks like in real life. Notice how you can’t really see anything. That’s the tricky part. Also: the same reflection in the upper part. That’s right! I didn’t notice it a second time. I’m on my way to that swell prize.

Trying to learn PHP is tough.

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