When there’s Remake Fever in the Blood…

Yesterday, James Lileks posted some pictures from an old film noir, showing portraits of an actor who went on to famous, near iconic status for a character he later played on TV.

I knew who he was right away, but it struck me also how much the pictures looked like Gary Sinise, who is still very much with us.

Remake Fever currently has Hollywood in its icy grip, so it’s possible someone may be thinking of remaking that television series, with the original characters played by different actors.

Gary Sinise would seem perfect for the role of Chief Medical Officer.

Can I have money for thinking of this?

One thought on “When there’s Remake Fever in the Blood…

  1. smiles and cuts you a check for 10,000. i retain all the rights and royalties now of course 😉

    i wish that the would remake the “never ending story” i am still in awe of that movie.

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