It’s Friday: Open the Door for Mr. Muckle!

Sometimes, you have one of those days that just don’t go well, to put it mildly.

They pretty much start at midnight; sometimes it’s something as minor as a stubbed toe, but the very ring of pain seems to send a peel of echoes toward the future, and you think, Uh oh.

You know it’s the start of a bad day, and the badness is going to hang on to every moment from then on, its gnarled, damp, gelid fingers finally being pried off by the arrival of the next midnight. Which, as we all know, can simply mean it’s handed the job off to one of its relatives. It’s kind of like one of those hamster wheels simply everyone uses as a metaphor for things that could use a good metaphor or two.

Sometimes, you just want an image that shows you disapprove. Leela basically disapproves of everything, so she was happy to oblidge.