“The Book”

Continuing the series of pre-existing works posted, this one is entitled “The Book” and there are two photographs because it doesn’t photograph very well. It’s a very dark work, as you can see, and one can either have details with some light reflection, or one can have no light reflection and no details. That’s just the way it is, there’s no use yelling about it.

So, what we have below are photographs that have details and light reflection, but the light reflection is in two different areas, which makes the respective details different from each other. Or something like that.

The Book, 2004 I think.  Click to open in a new window. Another view of The Book.  Click to open in a new window.

So, using photographs that are lousy in two different ways, you should be able to visualize what the painting kind of looks like.

This was originally going to be a book cover for a project long abandoned. I still think it would be a great book cover, for an anthology of horror stories or something like that. It still could be.

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  1. Have you sent this copy to Stephen King? I bet he would love it and uss it as a cover!!! Hell, i masy write a horror or triolgy someday and request to use it!!!!

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