PaintBlog I – Sunday

I have now put the index for the previous PaintBlog posts over on the right hand side.

Did some more work in the upper right hand corner:

PaintBlog I Upper Right.  Click to open in a new window.

It’s a bit shinier (in the photograph) than it is in real life, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I have every faith that you can do this.

Here is the work as it stands today:

Paint Blog I.  Click to open in a new window.

My usual apologies for the photo quality, I have tried like the Dickens to find a good way to photograph these things, so that the light doesn’t bounce too much and the colors are accurate. So far, the skill level of the Dickens still eludes me.

The big question now is…is it done? I am getting definite signals that it may, in fact, have docked in the harbor at Completedtown. I’m going to let it settle for tonight, then try to look at it afresh and see if anything screams at me.

Of course, the whole canvas kind of screams at one, yes? Perhaps a poor choice of words. Mumbles something indistinct is probably far more apt.