Other Painting Update

Remember this picture? Well, here’s the latest version:

Elementals (2005).  Click to open in a new window.

I’m really quite happy with it now; aside from the lower left corner (the “erupting boil” or whatever) which I think is a bit too bright, the rest of it is nice and “calm,” by which I mean, it is not telling me this is all wrong, all wrong.

I like the changes to the squid guy on the right. I wanted to give him some form, but make it vague, and I think this works really well. It looks like he has a skeletal structure (which I know makes him not a squid) overlaid with a kind of miasmatic flesh. He’s totally boss.

The rock/crustacean/lionfish guy on the left was always pretty well defined, and he’s needed the least amount of work since the early days of the canvas. He is also quite boss.

This painting had one of the great Charlie Brown moments during its initial inception. I had the reds arranged, and I decided to add the black (raw umber) areas in the background. As soon as I started, I thought it was a mistake, but now I think it has a sharpness that really brings out the “figures.”

A Charlie Brown Moment is when you make a change, it instantly screams no, and you think, “Augh, I’ve killed it!” just like in that Christmas special. When that happens, you either force the change to work or you abandon canvas and jump overboard, hoping the canvas will sink gracefully and emerge as a new, better work. Note that in the Charlie Brown show, he abandoned the work, and others came in and forced the changes to succeed. There’s a lesson for us all in there, somewhere.

Also, the original PaintBlog picture, last seen here, shared some thoughts with me last night, and it and I collaborated for some time. I hope to post some pictures soon, maybe even later today. Aren’t you lucky? Well I think so.