Driving Tips

I’m not a good “fellow driver.” By which I mean, if I am out in my car, and you are out in your car anywhere within ten miles of me, I hate you and want you to get out of my (theoretical) way. I’m not sure what it is about the car-driving experience that turns me into a fuming maniac; like Larry Talbot, I just accept that it is so and try to contain any havok it might cause.

I’ve tried various calming things, like taking deep breaths and listening to this CD called “Surfin’ Pachabel” by Liv and Let Liv (which, if you can find a copy, is very relaxing and rather clever). I’m always forgetting the former and the latter is too hard to call up on the CD player while driving.

I think I have found something which works a bit better: holding my breath. No, no, not until I turn blue or you get out of the way. Just holding my breath. Once the air gets a bit thin you start worrying about other things than bad drivers. Like thin air.

This therapy may last a couple of weeks, maybe.

Have a nice weekend everyone.