Some more Spam Fiction

Here’s another little bit of a story, tucked away at the end of a spam message.

If this goes on, Mr Joslyn said to his son, when breakfast was finished, I shall be obliged to send you away for your health.
I think of making a trip this morning, said Rob, carelessly
Where to?

Oh, I may go to Boston, or take a run over to Cuba or Jamaica, replied the boy.

I’m thinking this one was written by the same person who wrote the last bit I posted. The style is kind of similar, as is the lackadaisical approach to punctuation. Still, seeing it again is kind of…cool, in a way.

Much as I dislike spam, this sort of thing makes me feel sorry for the poor folks who are forced to grind it out. You imagine some sweaty hothouse, workers hunched over keyboards pounding out drivel about medicine, mortgages and marital aids, and every now and then sneaking in some bit of the novel they’re working on. One imagines it is their only joy, in a dark joyless world.

Here’s another bit, but this is obviously from another author:

man had apparently been hunting, gotten lost and stopped a couple of hunters to ask for directions.
HewereMurray, was visibly unhappy with the test results, the government deracialize 7 eras 1 frettingcombatter dromotropic seven times more likely to develop the problem when they were vibrated as the burning coal entered
Watkins supervisor, Tyrone

This guy sounds like he’s been taking too much of that cheap medication you hear so much about. I wonder if “Watkins supervisor, Tyrone” is the author’s signature? Supervising Watkins must be one heck of an important job.