Even Spammers Don’t Read Their Own Stuff

Just got a spam email in one of my accounts; normally I just delete without reading (which is the best thing to do) but I was curious who it was addressed to, so I opened it up.

Inside was the usual promise that I could start my own business and earn money. Well, thanks, I never realized I could do that. But then, after the pitch (and the “Click here to be removed from our mailing list” link, which you should never, ever click on), there was this curious addition:

As he spoke he felt himself gently but firmly pushed from behind and, losing his balance, he plunged headforemost from the roof and whirled through the intervening space toward the sidewalk far below. Terrified though he was by the sudden disaster, the boy had still wit enough remaining to reach out his right hand and move the indicator of the machine upon his left wrist to the zero markImmediately he paused in his fearful flight and presently came to a stop at a distance of less than fifteen feet from the flagstones which had threatened to crush out his life

Strange, huh? To me, it looks like whoever is cranking this stuff out is bored our of his or her mind, and is trying to write short stories (or movie treatments, maybe) just to keep from going nuts.

I wonder how widespread this sort of thing is. As I said, I don’t read spam, and I’m not tempted to start because of this, but it is a kind of weird glimpse into some unknown realm.

Disaster Relief

Amazon.com has set up a donation system so folks can contribute to the disaster relief effort underway for victims of the recent tsunami. I know that sentance isn’t right, somehow, but if you can afford to give anything, you should.

I can’t really afford to give, but I did anyway.