Cineplex Followup

Funny how if you delay posting something, it seems less and less relevant? I mean, less relevant than usual, that is. I wrote this a few days back, and here it is:

Well, I was right about “Unfortunate” being the top film, though analysts seem to think its weekend take (30 million) is also unfortunate. I thought it would be bigger myself, but perhaps folks are weary of movies this time of year. (Interestingly, there were no big must-see “event” films this season, like last year’s “Return of the King.”)

“Phoenix” pretty much died at 8th place, so I was wrong there. Ya can’t win ’em all, can you? I was right about “Spanglish” grabbing third, though again it didn’t take in much money.

“Ocean’s Twelve” went to number two. I’m sure it was a relief to George Clooney when it debuted at number one, as every recent film of his seems to tank. The last hit he had was, I think, “Ocean’s Eleven.” Could there be an “Ocean’s Thirteen” in the works?

“The Polar Express” seems to be gaining some momentum. As a kinetic action film, I thought it was pretty good; as an adaptation of the book it misses the mark by a huge margin. But it was a feel-good film and those (if they’re not too obnoxiously sweet) tend to do well during the holidays.

And so on. This week’s movie is “Meet The Fockers,” a sequel to “Meet The Parents,” and I’d be surprised if it does well. It will probably be number one this weekend, but I’m thinking not a big number one.