May 2023

And we come to the end of another month. The video is still in progress, which tends to be “one step forward, one ‘Oh wouldn’t be cool to do this too’ step” followed by a “halt to catch up” step. Which in way is good, it means I’m not sick of the project yet.

Here’s some random images.

As you can see, she’s had a bit of a makeover.

Not much else to report. Thanks for stopping by, and see you next month.

April 2023

Well, here it is at the end of April. I’ve been working diligently on the new project, and in fact posted a “trailer” to YouTube since I haven’t uploaded anything there since last October. And you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind! Gotta get them views and them likes! Well, not really, but you know.

Anyway. Trailer here:

So, that means the new project will actually happen, which is progress. Considering all the projects that just didn’t work, or stopped for other reasons. Things need to move forward.

And here’s a blog exclusive, a picture of a couple of cast members. This image itself will not appear in the finished video, (but both of the folks depicted will) so…I guess this makes it an NFT? Maybe? Not sure how those work and don’t really care.

I know you’ll probably want an autograph, but she’s due back in makeup, and he keeps wanting to be Jell-o. So they’re not around as often as I’d like.

Ah well, the problems of a production house. Thank you for stopping by, and see you next month, I hope!

March 2023

Damn, that went fast. And…? Well, I did a bunch of drawings for another website (Hello, Sorial!). And I worked on some stuff for a project of my own, as well. Behold:

Work on the rest of it proceeds, but as always I have no idea when it will be finished. Not a bad bit of work for the month, I think.

And that’s it for March. Thank you for stopping by, and see you again soon, I hope!

February 2023 – that went fast

So, another month gone. I actually got some creative work done, not as much as I like, but I have ideas which is always great. So much better than flailing and chipping away at things, hoping that ideas will somehow appear. I also spent a lot of time working on silly side projects–still am–but that’s okay, I don’t feel as if I should be doing something “better” and/or wasting my time.

What else? I reconfigured my PC workspace so it’s much more effective. Getting more and more practice with Affinity Photo, so that I can drop PhotoShop. Robert the Cat (TM) continues to bite me at all hours.

So, on to March. Here’s hoping for a bit more substance.

January 2023

Here’s another month come and gone. What did I accomplish?

Well, based on entries here, nothing concrete, but I do have a new project in the works that might result in something longer than 30 seconds. We’ll see. I have a number of images being lined up and I think it might be interesting. Story is nebulous but the ideas are floating around. Just have to corral them (and finish the images).

See you next month.

End of the Year Wrap Up

Well, only a few days left in 2022. Like many recent years, I’m not sorry to see it go, but I dread its oncoming brother.

As for this year, well, I did a couple of animations despite not really having good ideas. Learned a bit more about the tools I use. Signed up for the Adobe PS plan, which I’ve kind of regretted (Adobe CC is a lot more difficult to use, while trying to be “helpful”). Started playing with VST plugins, and bought copies of Tracktion and Reaper, since Acid Pro seems to be heading out toward retirement. (If you want to kill a piece of software, get Magix to buy it.)

My faithful car decided it was tired of being faithful, so now I have a new car payment. Oh boy.

And I adopted a cat. You can see both the car (left) and the cat (center) below.

So that’s it for this year. Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you next year.


So, October is basically over. We completed one 30 second movie, and maybe some work here and there.

Here’s a Halloween picture.

There’s a possible other project in the works, though I mostly work on it more out of obligation than real enthusiasm. It’s based on the image below:

That was created many, many years ago in Caligari TrueSpace (RIP), a 3-D animation application. Adapting it for my current animation setup means a lot of cutting, duplicating, recreating and reusing. It can be fun, and it keeps me (mostly) out of trouble. Will it be any good? Will there be anything else to it? Gather ’round kids and stay on camera, we’ll all learn together!

See you next time, and thanks for stopping by.


So, another very short video. Ideas for anything long-form are very thin on the ground these days, so anything is something…even if it’s less than 30 seconds.

I recently updated to the subscription version of PhotoShop and was just sketching around, looking for ideas, and this guy (and his friends) kind of showed up. So here they are.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

September 2022

And there went that month. Bye! Stick around for a while next time!

I’m nearly finished with a new animation which, like “The Window” is very short…about 22 seconds. I still have to do the soundtrack, so that will be next month’s entry…maybe. Perhaps.

See you then.